Coasters, special purpose vessels and vintage ships are our daily guests
During more than 60 years we slowly and safely have adjusted our course.

Today we are a complete shipyard, specialized in repair and maintenance.

We have reached our destination. Coasters, special purpose vessels and vintage ships arre our daily guests.

Mats Gotenius, Managing director

AB Gotenius Shipyard is a ship repair centrally located in Gothenburg. The business is built around two floating docks and one slipway.

The largest dock can take vessels up to 110 meters long and 15 meters in width, well above maximum measure for passage in Trollhättan canal, passage of ships sailing in Sweden's largest lake Vänern.

Totally we drydock more than 100 vessels per year, ranging from workboats of 10 meters in length up to coastal tanker of 5,000 dwt.

In addition to traditional maritime repairs we also do all types of work on vessels such as fishing, sightseeing boats, cruise ships, ferries, work boats, tugs, dredgers, barges etc.

Historically, the Transport Administration's Ferry Shipping (state ferries) are the shipyard's largest and most important customer.

More recently, we have developed another new specialty, which is to work with vintage vessels. The yard master, among other, the riveting technique for joining hull plates.

The shipyard's expertise has also got attention outside Sweden and several Norwegian vintage ships have visited the shipyard with projects partially financed by the Norwegian National Antiquities.

Norsk Veteranskipsklub is a recurring customer and in the spring 2012 we will again see D / S Böröysund to visit our yard.

Photo Øyvind Olsen


During the years we have developped a broad range of activities, found more in detail below.

Our capacity can be considered big enough for many demanding tasks but in spite of that we take care of smaller job as well.

In addition we can offer harbour services.

  • Booking of our docks
  • Order and planning of bigger jobs


  • Heeling tests and displacement settling
  • Boom and rig tests
  • Thickness measuring
  • Other tests and classification

    Hull is by volume our largest division, including all kind of steel, interior jobs and equipment in general

  • Sheet and welding jobs in steel, aluminium and stainless
  • Piping in all materials
  • Sanitary installations
  • Equipment installations
  • Cleaning, blasting and painting jobs
  • Wood and other interior jobs

    All kind of electric jobs

  • Test and repairing
  • Insulation tests
  • Refurbishing electric motors and generators
  • Installation of electric equipment and steering system
    All kind of machining
  • Classification and repairing
  • Propeller refurbishing
  • Shafts
  • Pump repairing
  • Service and repairing of diesel engines, high and middle speed
  • Installation of motors and pumps
  • Manufacturing of propeller shafts and rudder posts as well as turning, milling and drilling

    Responsible for the docks and serving other divisions and ships at quay

  • Connection of water, electricity and fire protection lines
  • Waste handling
  • Heavy transports within the yard, crane running and building of scaffoldings
  • Running and maintenance of the docks, quays and controlling ships at quay, moving etc.
Our capacity
Dock 1
Dock 2
75 x 13,5 m
110 x 15 m
25 x 5,5 m
1.600 ton
3.000 ton
70 ton
2.500 dwt
5-6.000 dwt
100 dwt
Bituma with her huge bulb served in our largest dock which can swallow ships up to a length of not less than 110 m and up to 6.000 dwt.
Gotenius Varv, Manufakturgatan 3, 417 07 Göteborg, SWEDEN,Tel. 031- 235200, Fax 031- 227979,,