The East Indiaman, Götheborg at Gotenius Varv
Our activities are based on two floating docks and one slipway. Every year we used these facilities for about 125 ships with lenghts up to 110 m.

We proudly prepared The East Indiaman Götheborg before her long voyage to China

Götheborg bear out from our dock, prepared for the long voyage to China

Some work at the stem in our dock.

Some daylight guaranteed for the helmsman. The view over the sea is limited so the look-out man and the compass are true friends.

Götheborg, a substantial oak wood replica of East Indiaman from the 18th century, with the same name.

Götheborg at Gotenius Shipyard.

The entire city of Gothenburg celebrated and sent its best wishes to the wooden-built replica that has already become a Swedish national symbol for culture, trade and industry. The Swedish ship Götheborg will reach Guangzhou in July 2006 and Shanghai in August 2006. It will then start its homeward journey from Hong Kong, in December 2006

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