Vinga lighthouse is our landmark and a symbol for Gothenburg
The silhuett of Vinga lighthouse has been a symbol for a lot of deep-going ships from all sites in the world.

Vinga also guides to Gotenius Shipyard in the inner harbour, just around one hours run from Vinga, easily reached for most vessels in northern Europe.

During more than sixty years we have emphasized on working with coasters, special purpose vessels and vintage ships..

Goteborg is an ideal port for this kind of activity, since we, by tradition, have a large pool of skilled workers. A longterm, marine infrastructure has been built up and that is our guarantee for reliable deliveries and access to specialists also for most demanding tasks.

A considerable international contact net among our subdistributors give us extremely good possibilities to get short time deliveries of spare parts and all kind of supply.

Göteborg is not only the biggest port in Sweden but also in the whole of Scandinavia and Finland.

It sounds probably a little peculiar but a considerable number of ships in the northern Europe area call at Göteborg frequently.

This fact is our base for contacts and makes us rather unique.

Our efforts on specializing means that even technically very advanced jobs are our daily experience.

After consideration you hopefully have made your choice and thus steer for Gotenius Shipyard.

Then it can be good for you to know that our name has been synonomous to skillness, allroundness and last but not least reliability as to hold given delivery plans.

We are proud of being professionals and we know very well that we have to prove that all the time.
Only satisfied customers will be back again.

Let us tell you a little bit more of our capacity and our proficiency.

Below you will find the way to Gotenius Shipyard.

From Vinga lighthouse you pass through the beautiful archipelago, under two bridges and then you are soon at the Shipyard on Ringön in the inner part of the harbour.

N 57° 43.389', E 11° 58.748'

Gotenius Varv, Manufakturgatan 3, 417 07 Göteborg, SWEDEN,Tel. 031- 235200, Fax 031- 227979,,